Top 10 Best Bike Spare Tires Car In 2021 – Trendy Reviewed

Mopar 82214036AB Spare Tire Kit

You need a good spare tire. No, we are not talking about the one that comes from eating and drinking too much. What you need is a top 10 best bike spare tire in 2020. These top tires help you get where you are going. Usually, they are easy to put on allowing you to get back on the road quickly. Plus, they are very durable and should hold up as you go over rough terrain. Slick surfaces are not a hindrance either as these spare tires come with great traction. When you want to stay on the move you have got to have a great spare tire in reserve. That way your delays are minimal and you remain nice and safe.
Top 10 Best Bike Spare Tires Car In 2021

#1. Kia Factory 2014-2019 Soul Spare Tire Kit

Kia Factory 2014-2019 Soul Spare Tire Kit

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Kia makes great vehicles. They know how to put the oomph in an engine and get that car or bike moving just right. Part of their secret comes in their tires. They are well-built ad handle different driving habits with ease. This kit comes with a top Kia spare tire to make sure you remain on the road and getting to your destination without losing a lot of time. This tire fits 16 to 18-inch wheels found on most Kias built between 2014 and 2020. Inside this kit, you get the spare tire, the crowbar and jack handle. Plus, you get the jack and a little bit more. You should be able to make quick tire changes with this kit on hand to help you. A steel rim is included so you can avoid a trip to the tire shop to get it put on your vehicle. Everything about this kit makes tire repair simple and easy to do. Your time on the side of the road should not be that long.

#2. Mopar 82214036AB Spare Tire Kit

Mopar 82214036AB Spare Tire Kit

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This Mopar spare tire kit goes on Dodge vans made between 2014 and 2017. They are model specific so check the instructions to make sure you own the right Dodge van that goes with this spare tire kit. This is a temporary tire that should fit P145/80R17 wheels with ease. Included in this kit is a toolset to help you mount the tire in the right spot. The winch should already be on the van when you get this kit. With the included scissor jack, raising and lowering the van will be easy. Just make sure to put the jack in the right spot with a solid foundation under it. Unfortunately, no lug nut wrench is included. You will have to supply that yourself if you want to get your flat tire off your car. In addition to all of that, this kit can store easily in the back of your van until it is needed. It does not take up a lot of space. It is not that heavy and can be maneuvered with ease.

#3. Genuine Factory Kia Sportage Spare Tire Kit

Genuine Factory OEM 2017 Kia Sportage Spare Tire Kit (vehicles with 17" wheels & 18" wheels)Check Price on Amazon

What spare tires do for you is give you a protective option. If your tire goes flat on the road or in the parking lot, you have something to replace it with till you get a new tire. This spare tire kit for a 2017 to 2020 Kia Sportage does just that. It acts as a protective father and gets you safely on the road again with minimal delay. This genuine factory product fits 17-inch wheels with ease. Once you get it on, you should have no trouble getting home or to the tire store. It is solid and safe to use on a temporary basis. Inside this kit, you will get a tire, jack, lug wrench and more. Just about everything you need to change the tire yourself. The key to changing a tire is to loosen the lug nuts before you lift it off the ground. If you wait then you may pull the car off the jack. This spare tire kit is safe to use and it is not hard to get the spare tire onto your vehicle when you need to.

#4. Kia Genuine OEM

Kia Genuine OEM Factory 2017 2018 Soul Spare Tire KitCheck Price on Amazon

Kia knows how to look after its customers. Not only do you get a great spare tire, but you also get a good spare tire kit. The spare tire, in this case, is a factory model that is made for your 2017 to 2018 Kia Soul. Once you get the kit out of the trunk, etc., you will find the jack to lift the car up high. Then you will also find the lug nut wrench to loosen the lug nuts on your flat tire. Besides those two items, you also get the jack handle to raise or lower the jack to get the replacement done. Every part of this kit works together to make sure you remain safe and get that bad tire replaced quickly. This is a 16-inch spare tire that should temporarily fit 16 to 18-inch wheels on your Kia Soul. The good news is that the tire is already on the wheel so you have one less thing to worry about. It is a good kit to have on hand and it should give you some peace of mind.

$5. MaxxHaul Powder Coat Black Trailer Spare Tire Carrier

MaxxHaul Powder Coat Black 70214 Trailer Spare Tire Carrier

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The powder coating n this spare tire carrier helps it to last a long time. The powder coat fights off or delays rust from taking place. This additive is making you can use this device for almost forever. 4 lag bolts attach this spare tire holder in place. Just make sure to use the right-sized lag bolts or you will have problems. It’s best used on trailer frames that are no wider than 3 inches. Tighten the lag bolts securely to make sure you do not lose your spare tire going over a bump. A single lug nut holds the spare tire to the carrier with ease. 1 On top of that, the carrier is designed to hold the tire up high. It should give you enough ground clearance so you can drive over bumps without worry. The zinc plating gives the metal carrier lots of strength and durability. This is easy to install a spare tire carrier. Only a few minutes of your time and an extra hand or two should have it in place in minutes.

#6. Kia Factory Soul Spare Tire Kit

Kia Factory Soul Spare Tire Kit (for Vehicles with 16" Wheels)

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2010 to 2013 may have been great years. It was as far as Kia Soul is concerned. Those are the years it received a top spare tire kit to help you get to your next destination. When you have tire troubles you can whip out this kit and get them solved in time. Inside the kit are a spare tire, lug nut wrench, jack, and a jack handle. Lifting your lightweight Kia Soul should not be that difficult to do. This is a genuine factory product so compatibility should not be an issue. Also, you should be able to manipulate the tire in place without too much difficulty. Your strength combined with the tires lightweight makes for easy moving of the tire. It is so light a woman should be able to do it without too much trouble. All the pieces are in this kit to make sure your next tire issue is not a serious one and can be handled quickly and easily.

#7. Mopar Jeep Cherokee Spare Tire Kit

Jeep Cherokee Spare Tire Kit With Jack & Wrench Mopar OEM

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Even jeep Cherokees have a little tire trouble from time to time. When yours does it will be a great thing if you had this spare tire kit on hand to bail you out. The spare tire kit is made specifically for this vehicle and should not be interchanged with other ones. On top of that, you should have the jack and the jack handle inside to help you lift your vehicle nice and high. Just remember to loosen the lug nuts first. Your day will go from bad to worse if you pull a Jeep off the jack. All the parts including the spare tire should work with the most recent jeep Cherokee models. That is 2018 on back to at least 2016 and more. The spare tire is an 18-inch model making sure it is large enough to fit on the axle. Also, it should fit in the designated spare tire space like a glove.

#8. Hollywood Racks SR1 Spare Tire Rack

Hollywood Racks SR1 Spare Tire Rack 2-Bike Spare Tire Mount Rack

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It is always great when an item can do more than one job at a time. This spare tire rack has room for 2 bikes. A person can carry a tire and alternative transportation with ease. You will never be in any danger when you load up this rack. Plus, the rack is adjustable and can fit most spare tires. That is good news when spare tires are not always made the same size. If the spare tire is wider than 12 inches then you will need to upgrade to a larger rack size. Then when you are ready, you can fit most bikes on the bike section. That is if they weigh 35 pounds or less. Do not use it with E-bikes as this rack is not compatible. It is easy to install because the rack comes fully assembled. All you have to do is attach the rack and you are off on your next adventure.

#9. Kia Factory Rio Spare Tire Kit

Kia Factory Rio Spare Tire Kit (15" & 17" Wheels)

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Temporary tires have been around for decades. This particular one comes in handy when you are driving a 2012 to 2015 Kia Rio. If your Rio develops a flat or some other tire issue, then this spare tire and its kit are on hand to help you out. In addition to that, this spare tire should fit on 15 and 17-inch axles with little to no problems. Once you get it on you can go on your way again and have a good time. To help you get the replacement take care, the spare tire has some friends with it in the kit. There is a lug nut wrench to make sure those nuts get loosened fast. Then there is the jack and jack handle. These devices make sure you can raise and lower your car quickly. The kit and the tire change process are both simple and easy to do. Your tire should be changed in no time.

#10. Kia Genuine OEM Factory 2017 & 2018 NIRO Spare Tire Kit

Kia Genuine OEM Factory 2017 & 2018 NIRO Spare Tire Kit (Applies to All Factory Wheel Sizes)

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As you can see this spare tire kit works with the 2017 & 2018 Kia Niro. With road conditions the way they are, you need a top spare tire kit to keep you out of tire trouble. Its 16-inch size should be enough to get you rolling again. On top of that, you have the jack, lug nut wrench and jack handle helping you. These tools make it simple to change your car’s tire. The lug nut wrench should be long enough to give you the leverage you need to loosen those lug nuts. The scissor jack goes up quickly taking the weight off the tire so you can remove it fast. All in all, you have a good spare tire kit to help you get your car back on the road again. Make sure you have a top spare tire kit in your car as you never know when you need one.

Some final words

Cars have problems from time to time. One of those problems is that a tire will get a rock or nail in it and go flat on you. That is where one of the top 10 best bike spare tires in 2019 comes in handy. These kits give you the jack, the lug nut wrench, in most cases, and the tire to get you back on the road fast. They are handy to have I a pinch and make driving a lot safer. Find the best spare tire kit for your vehicle so you can stay safe when on the road.

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