Best Metal Swing Sets Reviews and Top Rating in 2020

FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘The Ultimate’ 8 Station Sports Series Metal Swing Set

Kids need exercise. That is one way they grow up big and strong, as well as healthy. With one of the top 10 best metal swing sets in 2020 in your yard, your kids and grandkids have the exercise opportunity they need.

Plus, they can invite their friends over and have a great time socializing and having lots of fun. These top sets are made from durable materials to make sure they hold up under your child’s treatment.

Then with top accessories, your children have lots of options to choose from. Their playtime should be enhanced and they should get lots of fresh air at the same time.

10. FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘The Ultimate’ Metal Swing Set

FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘The Ultimate’ 8 Station Sports Series Metal Swing Set

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Swing sets have always been cool. They provide lots of fun for the whole family and they let your children get rid of excess energy before dinner. Once you have this top metal swing set in place, your kids should not be bored.

With 8 different play station options, your kid can swing, slide, play soccer or basketball or jump on a trampoline. They will get exercise without even noticing it. They will have too much fun.

All the play stations that require a child to sit on them comes with an 8o pound weight limit. The glider has a 160-pound weight limit due to two children sitting on it. In other words, your kids can have a lot of fun for many years.

2-inch powder-coated steel tubing provides the security and strength you want in a metal swing set. The powder coat resists rust keeping the swing set in top shape. The set measures about 157 by 72 by 107 inches and add another 3+ feet when you add in the trampoline.

9. Sportspower Ridgewood Me and My Toddler Metal Swing Set

NEW Sportspower Ridgewood Me and My Toddler Metal Swing Set

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2 swings are a part of the 5 overall play stations. Young kids can enjoy their gravity-free time by swinging as high as they can get without hurting themselves. Installation should not take long when you get a couple of extra hands to help you out.

After you get it all assembled, there is a 5-foot slide, a trampoline, and a glider that accompanies the 2 swings. Your children have ample entertainment choice and they should get plenty of exercise at the same time.

Just in case your children trip or dismount wrong, the legs of the swing set are [padded for their protection. A toddler seat on the glider lets tiny children learn all about the fun a swing set brings.

This metal swing set is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 7. After they reach that age upgrading to a set that entertains older children is needed. You made need anchors to hold the swing set in place but they are sold separately. The set holds about 100 pounds per station.

8. Swing-N-Slide PB 8360 Ranger Wooden Swing Set

Swing-N-Slide PB 8360 Ranger Wooden Swing Set with Swings


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Upgrade the look of your back yard by turning to this top wood swing set. Wood construction has a way of making anything look a lot better. It is natural, strong and provides your children with a lot of fun.

Once you get this wood swing set home you will see that it is reinforced with metal plates. That addition makes this 104 by 92 by 82-inch wood swing set safe for everyone to use. Then the coated chain helps protect against pinched fingers.

After you assemble this wood swing set 2 children can swing at the same time. Each swing holds approx. 115 pounds letting older kids have a little fun as well. Lag bolts in the support beams make sure the swing set stays stable, durable and secure.

Made for backyard use only, this swing set meets those safety standards that apply to its use and construction. Your kids should have a great time on this wood swing set. Instructions and hardware are included in your purchase. That makes for easy assembly.

7. Flexible Flyer “World of Fun Swing Set

Flexible Flyer "World of Fun Swing Set

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Plastic and metal combine to make sure your kids have a great time growing up. This 7 station swing set benefits from the durability of both construction materials.

With an overall weight limit of 1050 pounds, about 10 children can have fun at the same time. Each station holds about 105 each. Your children can have a great time with their new swing set.

In addition to that, this swing set is made for children between the ages of 2 and 10. You get a teeter-totter, slide, 2 gliders, a chin-up bar, and 2 swings to complete this set. Your child should have hours of fun playing on this swing set.

The steel tubing is powder-coated to keep rust and corrosion away. With that protective coating, this swing set should look great for many years. The green [plastic seats work with the gray color scheme to keep the swing set looking attractive to young kids.

The assembly shouldn’t take too long, just make sure to have help when you put the swing set together.

6. KLB Sports A-Frame Metal Swing Set

KLB Sport A-Frame Metal Swing Set w/ Slide (Blue)

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This is an old styled metal swing set that has a couple of twists added. First, there is a small glider for very young children. Then there is a nice little slide attached to one side. The slide is fun and it helps anchor the swing set.

On top of that, you get two top quality swings that let your kids test their abilities and skills. Each seat and slide hold about 100 pounds each up to a total of 500 pounds.  Your children should not be at risk of breaking that weight limit.

Also, you get a nice, strong metal tubing construction that makes sure your kids are safe at all times. The heavy-duty steel should meet or exceed all safety requirements for playgrounds and back yards.

As long as you have the right tools assembly should be a snap. It will just take a little time and correctly following the instructions. Once you have it put together your children should enjoy this swing set for many years.

5. Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing

Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing, Slide and Trampoline Set

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6 play stations provide lots of great activity for your smaller kids or grandchildren. Once you have this metal swing set assembled hours of fun are at their disposal. Their hardest task will be deciding which play station to use first.

Once they have made that decision they can use the trampoline, the slide, swings, glider or the saucer ride after that. Each station is designed to provide safe secure fun. Your children should not be in danger of hurting themselves when on this metal swing set.

Each station holds about 100 pounds each up to a total of 800. Measuring about 179 by 96 by 74 inches in size there should be enough space between spaces for your children to play without interference.

Made with 2-inch steel tubing that is both weather-resistant and durable. Rust should have a hard time getting a foothold on this metal swing set. Also, there is lots of strength in that steel so your child will be safe and not placed at risk. Lots of fun for your children is in this swing set.

4. Flexible Flyer Triple Fun II Metal Swing Set

Flexible Flyer Triple Fun II Metal Swing Set

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Children do not need a lot of play stations on their metal swing sets to have fun. Even small sets like this 5 station one provide hours of fun for your child as they grow up. All your child needs to do is pick which one they like best and use it first.

With the traditional A-frame style, this steel swing set holds a lot of power and strength. Its 6 leg design adds to its stability and makes sure your kids’ play is safe at all times. Check the instructions for the weight limit.

Also, it should take about 2 1/2 hours to fully assemble this metal swing set. Once you get it all done, your children can play to their heart’s content. This metal swing set has enough options for everyone to get a fair turn.

Metal support bars add to the security of this little metal swing. It is compact and should fit in most modest-sized back yards. It is a good swing set for those who like simple things.

3. Lifetime Heavy-Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set

Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set

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Speaking of people who like simple things, this little swing set is simple as it is fun. Its 3 play stations should be enough for many children especially when your back yard is not that large,

Along with its simple A-frame design, you get a simple assembly time. These little metal swing sets do not take a lot of time being put together. On top of that, it may be little but it is still strong and safe.

Steel does not discriminate because of size. It remains a strong metal n matter how big or small it gets. Measuring about 162 by 112 by 125 inches in size there is enough room for 2 swings and a trapeze bar. Plus, it holds about 130 pounds per swing with ease per.

This free-standing metal swing set does not need anchoring. It stands on its own to make sure your children have lots of fun when they want something different to do. But you ca anchor if that makes you feel a little better.

2. NEW Inspiration 250 Fitness Playground Metal Swing Set

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Provide your children with a little UV protection. This metal swing set comes with its canopy to block the sun’s harmful rays. Your children still get plenty of sunlight, they just don’t get those UV rays.

Besides, this 5 station swing set comes with a trampoline and a slide. Trampolines are great exercise toys and make sure your kids are thoroughly exercised before coming in for the night.

Then covered swing chains should protect your children’s fingers from being pinched. The plastic seats should not heat up too much so your children are getting safe playtime all day long.

The rolled design also adds hand protection to make sure your kids’ fun is not ruined by minor accidents. A trapeze bar is between the seats to give more swing space. Everything about this metal swing set says safety and fun.

That is what you want in a top of the line metal swing set.

1. Sunnyglade 2PCS Swings Seats

Sunnyglade 2PCS Swings Seats Heavy Duty with 66" Chain Plastic Coated, Playground Swing Set Accessories Replacement with Snap Hooks, Support 250lb

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There will be those times where swing set seats wear out and need replacing. That situation depends on how often your children play with their set and how extreme the weather gets in your neck of the woods.

When it happens these two replacement swing seats come to the rescue. Their 66-inch chain provides lots of adjustable length for your children to swing safely. Plus, each seat holds about 250 pounds without complaining.

Then the coated chains help protect your child’s hands while at the same time giving them a solid place to grip. S hooks hold the seats to the chains and snap hooks connect the chains to the swing set.

These are easy swing seats to put on your swing set. With a 26 by 5 inch approx., seat size every child should fit on these swing seats with ease. The EVA plastic construction material provides a comfortable place for your children to rest on.

Some final words

To give your child a childhood experience, you need to go to one of the top 10 best metal swing sets I 2019. These swing sets are made to be tough, durable as well as safe.

Plus, they look good in your back yard. With a variety of play stations and sizes, you should be able to find one that fits your yard with ease.

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