Best Off Road Go-Kart Reviews And Top Rating in 2020

Off-road adventures can be fun. Especially when you have the right vehicle to ride on. Using one of the top 10 best off-road go-carts in 2020 is the best way to enhance and upgrade your off-road adventures,

These go-karts have the power, the steering capability, and the safety gear to make sure you enjoy your time off-road. Plus, you can even take a companion with you in most of the go-karts on this list. Sharing the fun makes your time even better.

When you go off-road, use the best go-karts available. These vehicles have the safety equipment, the hp, and the speed to make sure everyone in the family can enjoy their outdoor adventure.

Also, they are made from top construction materials to ensure durability and strength. Those characteristics make sure your new go-karts stay with you for along time.

When you want good off-road fun and adventure, go with the best go-karts around.

Our off-road go-kart review below

10. Spider K28A High-End 150cc Go Kart

Spider K28A High End 150cc Go Kart, Automatic with Reverse

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Loaded with a 150cc engine, you should have the power to go up and down those off-road hills and sand dunes with ease. The single-cylinder 4 stroke engine is air-cooled so it should not overheat at the wrong time.

Then with the front and rear hydraulic brakes, you should be able to stop on a dime. This go-kart puts out about 8.7 hp and gets up to 38 mph as its top speed. Also, this go-kart can hold about 353 pounds at one time without a drop in its performance.

Measuring about 96 by 60 by 62 inches overall, you have a nice sized go-kart to handle those sand dunes without hassle. You shouldn’t use up too much fuel as this vehicle registers about 55 to 65 mpg. More than enough to have an afternoon of off-road fun.

This go-kart should travel well through mud, snow, and sand making sure your off-road adventure is not stuck at any time.

9. Coleman Powersports KT-196C Go Kart

Roll over image to zoom in Coleman Powersports KT-196C Go Kart - Camo 196cc/6.5HP

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The powerful 4 stroke motor should power you through a variety of different terrain. Combine with the knobby tires, mud, snow, and sand should not be a challenge for you. Once you start this go-kart going you get traction and power throughout your day.

Also, with its 6 1/2 hp and 3,600 rpm, your fuel efficiency should be second to none. Fully automatic you shouldn’t miss or strip any gears even if the terrain gets a little slippery.

A weight limit of 400 pounds allows you to put your significant other in the seat beside you. Both of you can enjoy a great day venturing through the different trails and sand dunes. Its top speed of 31 mph makes sure you can go fast enough to get back to your campsite in time for dinner.

The 4 point safety harness and roll bars make sure you and your companion are very safe. Even if you tip over and roll a couple of times.



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The LED headlights light up the area with brilliant light. You should be able to see where you are going when the sun disappears over the horizon. As you bounce along the trail or scale a high hill, you are kept safe with the included seat belts.

In addition to that, the roll bars make sure your head and shoulders are fully protected just in case you land wrong and rollover. A heavy-duty bumper system makes sure rocks and trees, etc. Do not damage your go-kart too badly.

While it has a 163 cc 4 stroke engine, this is a kid’s go-kart. The machine won’t go that fast where your children are at any risk. Make sure your kids wear helmets as they ride in this go-kart.

There is some assembly required when this go-kart reaches your home. That mandatory duty shouldn’t take that long to do. Soon your kids will be flying around off-road having lots of fun.

7. Coleman KT100 Gas Powered Off-Road go Kart

Coleman Powersports Coleman KT100 Gas Powered Off Road go Kart

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You can build up a lot of steam with this single passenger go-kart. Its 98 cc 3 hp engine can still climb those sand dunes and provide you with a lot of fun. The only drawback to that is that this go-kart holds only about 150 pounds. This is not made for big adults.

Then the low-pressure knobby tires provide a soft bounce as they give you lots of traction through slippery surfaces. The rear hydraulic disc brakes slow you down allowing you to stay in control of your go-kart.

The 4 point harness makes sure you do not move as the go-kart remains in action. With the tough roll bars, injuries are a thing of the past under normal crashes. The 13 and 16 gauge steel tubing is tough and durable.

As an added feature, the kill switch is included to cut the power when you need it off fast. For best results stay on flat ground and avoid the hills.

6. Generic 4 Seater GO KART

4 Seater GO KART For Family!! Smooth & Easy To Operate 150cc Go Kart Fully Automatic with Reverse - PRO TT Go Kart Honda CRF Series Clone 4 Stroke Engine

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When your kids are too small or just learning about go-karts, you can let them enjoy the go-kart world by taking them in this 4 seater. You keep your family safe and close to you as you show them the wonders of off-road adventures.

The 150 cc 4 stroke engine should have the power to carry everyone where they all want to go. Then there should be enough power to get you all back home again. The automatic transmission goes forward and in reverse just in case you make a wrong turn and get stuck.

A kill engine switch is on hand just in case you need to make a very quick stop. Once everyone is on board making sure you do not go past the approx. 330 to 550-pound weight limit.

Hydraulic disk brakes handle all the stopping duties for you. You should be able to come to a complete stop smoothly.

5. New XRX Go Kart 300cc Trail Master Brand

New XRX Go Kart 300cc Trail Master Brand

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Really get the speed going when you turn to this 300 cc go-kart. Its engine is twice as powerful and it can propel you up to 50 miles per hour maximum speed. Go up 18-degree hills like they were not even there.

Then this 2 seat go-kart holds about 500 pounds with ease. That I snot too much weight for this powerful go-kart. Then with a 2 1/4 gallon fuel tank, you should be able to drive a long way without refueling.

It’s approx. 17 hp is more than enough to move you and a loved one along over those muddy or rocky mountain trails. With its 90 by 53 by 57-inch dimensions you should still be small enough to cruise over tight opening trails.

A storage rack on back allows you and your romantic interest to hold a picnic when you get out in the middle of nowhere. Knobby tires provide the traction when you want to get where you are going fast.

4. MotoTec 79cc Off Road Go Kart

MotoTec 79cc Off Road Go Kart in Red

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This little red go-kart looks good. Even when it is muddy the red color will somehow shine through and keep it looking great. On top of that, you have a 79.5 cc motor to power you along those open trails and washes.

That 4 stroke motor puts out about 2 1/2 hp but that is still enough to have a great off-road adventure. The go-kart measures about 55 by 25 by 34 inches overall and it holds about 135 pounds. It is compact and able to hold an average size teenager with ease.

The adjustable seat lets you get comfortable and its seat belt makes sure you do not leave the seat for anything. A roll bar protects your upper body but make sure to wear a helmet anyway. Also, wear top of the line safety gear so your body doesn’t get hurt.

Nothing ruins off-road fun faster than a serious injury when it could have been avoided.

3. MDGZY RC Car for Adults and Kids

Remote Control Car High Speed RC Car, 4WD RC Rock Racer Off-Road Electric car,2.4Ghz Radio Remote Control Car, 1:14 Scale RTR Hobby,Remote Control Truck High Speed Racing Monster

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It looks like a go-kart but it doe snot hold any passengers. This 4 wheel drive remote control car travels uphill at 30 miles per hour. Its powerful engine is powered by 2 batteries to make sure there is enough electricity inside for all your off-road activities.

The knobby tires should help propel the car over slick and slippery terrain. Snow, ice and mud should not be too much of an issue when you use this RC car. All the components in this RC vehicle are well built, solid and made from top construction materials that are strong and durable.

Also, the remote control needs 3 AA batteries to work. Then the rechargeable car batteries need 3 to 4 hours to power up before they are able to provide about 15 to 20 hours of RC fun.

In addition, the remote control lets you fine-tune your speed and driving, making it more like a real race event you are participating in.

2. Best Choice Products 12V Kids Go-Kart Racer

Best Choice Products Kids 12V Go-Kart Racer Ride On Car w/ Push-to-Start, 2 Speeds, Yellow

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Get your kids used to racing through this 12-volt little go-kart. It has 2 speeds, high and low, which reach between 1 1/2 to almost 3 miles per hour. A realistic-looking gas pedal helps bring that real racing feel home to your children.

Plus, 3 wheels and a great suspension help smooth out the bumps making the ride more enjoyable for your young kids. Then its sleek design lets your children go through smaller spaces to enhance their fun.

This 51, 25 by 25-inch go-kart holds about 77 pounds making sure little kids have a great time and are not left out of any go-kart fun. The tires have 3 channel s to them. This design helps provide good traction over not so difficult terrain.

With a seat belt, your child should be saved inside and they can add to their fun by honking the working horn. On top of all that, there is a cup holder for when your child gets a little hot.

1. MotoTec Go Kart 49cc 2-Stroke Off-Road Dirt Bike

MotoTec Go Kart 49cc 2-Stroke Off-Road Dirt Bike Powered Racer Outdoor Toy,Kids Foldable Seat Gas Scooter

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1 liter of gas can take you or your children about 20 miles down the road. As long as you or they do not stray that far, you should be able to make it home with ease. Or carry another liter of fuel with you.

Its 49 cc engine runs up to 30 miles per hour making sure you get wherever you are going quickly. With tough front and rear bumpers, normal impacts should not be a bother to you. Of course, the more you weigh the slower you will go.

With a weight limit of 200 pounds, a majority of people can get on this go-kart and have some fun. 8-inch knobby tires provide all the traction you will need as you select your favorite or tricky trails to power down.

When no insight long flag flaps in your breeze to let everyone know where you are at the moment. Brakes and handle bars should be easy to reach.

Some final words

There is always a risk and an element of danger in almost everything you do. When it comes to go-kart fun, you can limit that risk or danger by using one of the top 10 best off-road go-karts in 2019.

These top go-karts have the safety equipment to keep you safe from harm. Plus, some of them travel at high speeds so you do not sacrifice any fun for safety. That makes your go-kart time more exciting as well as safe.

In addition to all of that, the tires on these g-karts provide lots of traction so you can make it up many hills.

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