Best Professional Rolling Makeup Train Cases Reviews and Top Rating in 2020

SHANY REBEL Series Pro Makeup Artists Rolling Train Case - Trolley Case - Provocative Rose

Get your make up rolling

You can wheel your make up case anywhere you go and use it in an instant. All you need is one of the top 12 Best Professional Rolling Makeup Train Cases In 2020. These top cases hold a lot of makeup. They also have the wheels you need to get them to where you are going quickly.

When you need makeup done fast you need color and makeup options to look your best. These cases hold those options for you. Plus, they make accessing those options easy.

Our rolling make up train case review

12. Ollieroo 4 in 1 Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Train Case

Ollieroo 4 in 1 Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Train Cases Trolley Professional Artist Train Case Organizer Box Lift Handle Lock 2 wheel 2 Keys Each Layer Total 8 Keys Makeup Luggage Black

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4 levels hold your make up and keep it handy for you. The top option folds out so you can access your important items quickly and easily. 4 shelves hold everything you need upfront.

Then you have 3 more individual cases that can come apart and be used separately. With velvet lining, your bottles and jars should be safe from bumps and impacts. Also, the aluminum reinforcement helps keep the cases together. Plus, heat resistant construction materials make sure the sun and heat do not ruin your supply.

An easy to handle works with the tough castor wheels so you can roll this case to wherever you need it. Then when you need to resupply your smaller bottles 7 bins n the 2nd compartment can hold reserves for you.

The case is durable and long-lasting. It should survive years of use without any trouble. That is what you want in a top case a way to save some money on equipment.

11. SHANY REBEL Series Pro Makeup Artists Rolling Train Case

SHANY REBEL Series Pro Makeup Artists Rolling Train Case - Trolley Case - Provocative Rose

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Measuring about 30 by 18 by 14 inches in size, you can bring your make up just about anywhere you travel. It is small enough that it may qualify to be on board baggage when you have to fly. If not, the pink color makes it stand out in a crowd of suitcases.

Also, you have heavy-duty castor wheels handling the rolling chore. Combined with the handle, these wheels get your make up across almost any surface you encounter. Made from aluminum and ABS plastic this case should withstand the rigors of your travel schedule.

With a built-in mirror and a variety of shelves and drawers, you are ready for when the director calls make up. You can apply your face quickly and without delay. Snap locks make sure your make up is safe when it is not needed or in use. Little [pockets in the lower doors allow you some extra storage space for needed items.

10. Qivange Rolling Makeup Case

Rolling Makeup Case, Qivange Professional Trolley Train Case Large PU Leather Lockable Nail Polish Holder for Artists Nail Techs Travel Jewelry Cosmetic Train Case w/ 4 Wheels, Rose Red

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Lockable castor wheels mean that you can put this makeup case somewhere and it won’t roll accidentally away from you. It stays where you put it until you move it to your dressing room.

Each of the three levels has a specific purpose making sure you stay organized and can find what you need in a hurry. Then with the telescopic handle, your back should not be strained when you have to pull this makeup case to your next destination.

Then the flip-up lid has a little pocket to store brushes or mirrors, etc. The bright pink coloring makes sure you recognize your own case when you are separated from each other for a while.

The case weighs only about 20 pounds so you should not have any difficulty pulling it behind you. 2 keys open the top locks. Once locked, the intruder would need to destroy the locks to get inside and steal your make up items.

9. Yaheetech 4 in 1 Aluminum Rolling Makeup Train Case

Yaheetech 4 in 1 Aluminum Rolling Makeup Train Case Cosmetic Trolley 4 Removable Wheels Professional Artist Train Case Organizer Box with Hexagonal Telescopic Rod Lift Handle Black

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Bring all the tools of your cosmetic trade along with you. Not only does this case have room for make up it has rooms for brushes and more. It is up to you how you organize this makeup case, but once you do, nothing should be hard to find.

On top of that, you get ergonomic handles that are comfortable to hold. Pulling this case behind should not b difficult or hard on your hands. The castor wheels spin so you can change directions in a heartbeat. The wheels come off when you need them to.

In addition, you get about 28 by 10 by 13 inches of storage space from all four compartments. An 8-inch telescopic handle makes sure your pulling time is not uncomfortable. The carry handle pops up when you can’t use the wheels anymore.

8. AW 4 in 1 Portable Rolling Makeup Train Case

AW 4 in 1 Portable Rolling Makeup Train Case Trolley Cosmetic Box Organizer Travel Case Aluminum Frame Lockable

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ABS plastic and aluminum team up together to provide you with a durable and safe makeup case. It is so tough you should use this one particular case for many years. Then when you do not need a lot of makeup with you, you can shorten the case by removing the upper 3 compartments.

All snap-on latches can be locked providing you with an extra level of security. Your make up is safe inside when you are not around to protect it. The rose gold color should have you looking good and fashion-forward. Its great looks make you look good as well.

On top of that, you have 4 compartments that help you keep everything you own make up wise organized. With the touch castor wheels getting your things to your next appointment should not be difficult. These castor wheels traverse many different surfaces with ease.

7. Yaheetech Rolling Makeup Train Case

Yaheetech Rolling Makeup Train Case Aluminum Cosmetic Case Wheel Barber Case Salon Lockable Travel Trolley with Sliding Drawers Removable Divider Black

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You do not have to go big to make sure your make up travels with you. This smaller case handles what you need on hand and lets you access those items without difficulty. Inside the aluminum, sliding tracks move quickly and quietly out of the way so you have instant access to all items when you want.

With the ABS and aluminum construction, each item you place inside should be protected from normal bumps and impacts. Reinforced polyester and edges make sure nothing breaks on this case’s watch. You should be able to move your make up worry-free when you use this case.

Plus, you have removable castor wheels. One push of a button and the wheels come off when you can’t use them anymore. After you remove the wheels just grab the pop up handle and carry your make up those several flights of stairs.

6. AW 4 in1 Rolling Makeup Artist Train Case

AW 4 in1 Rolling Makeup Artist Train Case Lockable Trolley Cosmetic Organizer Trolley Travel Box 2 Wheels Beauty Black

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This top-quality makeup case has a place for everything and it allows you to easily put everything in its place. That is good news for those who have a lot of makeup items they need to carry with them. Once inside, the locking latches make sure unauthorized hands stay out.

In addition to that, you have two handles to transport your make up. One handheld for stairs, etc., and the other a telescopic one when you can roll this case to where you are going.

Two castor wheels do all the wheeling for you. Then when you need a rest just lay the case down and the front wheel less edge stops the case from rolling away from you. 4 compartments can be brought together or removed. The size of your make up case depends o what you need at the time.

5. Train Case 4-in-1 Portable Makeup Train Case

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Match your color preference by choosing one of the 3 colors this rolling make up case comes in. Once you make that decision you can fill the 5 compartments with all the makeup and makeup tools you own. This case should handle them all with ease. It has space.

Also, you can leave some of the compartments at home when you do not need the space. This is a very flexible makeup case that is at your disposal. Reinforced corners and edges make sure this case holds together quite well for you. It should last for years.

On top of that, you get 360-degree castor wheels to roll this case to where you need it. That feature saves your back and arms from being overworked. 2 keys open the locks. So you and you alone should have access to the contents.

4. Yaheetech Professional Train Case

Yaheetech Professional Train Case 3 in 1 Makeup Organizer Large Rolling Cosmetic Case With Makeup Brush Bag Lockable Black Wheel Trolley

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An around the waist brush bag is included with your purchase of this makeup case. That bag should open up extra space in your trolley case and let you carry more supplies. This approx. 30 by 14 by 10 inch make up case has several compartments to handle your make up needs.

Plus, the interior of the compartments can either fold out or use the included dividers to help you organize your beauty supplies. With 4 lockable closures, your contents should be safe and be there when you return from other engagements.

Then when you need to move quickly, the castor wheels respond on command. They are always ready to go as are the telescopic handle and handy carry handle. Either way, you use this case you have a comfortable way to grip it and take it with you.

3. Mefeir 4-in-1 Rolling Makeup Train Case

Mefeir 4-in-1 Rolling Makeup Train Case,4 Removable Wheels w/Lift Handle+Lockable Key,Aluminum Trolley Cart Travel Beauty Cosmetic Artist Stylist Organizer Box (Black)

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4 removable compartments lets you customize this case. That feature lets you take only the supplies you think you will need. That way you do not have to overburden yourself with excess and unnecessary weight.

Measuring about 30 by 14 by 10 inches in size, you get an aluminum and plastic reinforced case that is both strong and durable. With included keys, you can lock up these cases to make sure none of the items walk off without your knowledge.

In addition, each compartment should have a spot for all your make up items. Organizations should not be a difficult task for you to do. The castor wheels should roll freely so you have no trouble when you are pulling this case from place to place.

2. AW Oxford Rolling Makeup Train Case

AW Oxford Rolling Makeup Train Case Soft-sided Cosmetic Travel Bag with 4 Detachable Wheel Black Makeup Luggage

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Save on weight by using this soft-sided makeup case. It is made from oxford fabric that should be easy to keep clean. Plus, the fabric should resist water protecting your valuable makeup items.

Also, you get a lot of large pockets to handle long beauty tools or lots of beauty supplies. 8 smaller drawers handle the more delicate beauty items that would get damaged in the larger storage areas on this makeup case.

Then to make relocating this case easy a telescopic handle lets you [pull the case behind you without hurting your back or arms. The case measures about 23 by 16 by 12 inches in size and holds a lot of beauty aids for you.

1. Yaheetech Rolling 4 in 1 Makeup Case

Yaheetech Rolling 4 in 1 Makeup Case Cosmetic Trolley Salon Cosmetic Trolley Train Case Aluminum Black

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4 compartments with subsections and pull out shelves help you store your cosmetics when you do not need them. This 10 by 28 by 13 inch make up case is small enough to fit in a corner of your room while being big enough to handle holding lots of makeup and beauty tools.

On top of that, it rolls nicely on its heavy-duty castor wheels. With the telescopic handle, the wheels move easily and smoothly for you. Plus, you get keys to lock each compartment to keep curious hands out of your things.

Made with reinforcing aluminum, this case should stand up to your daily treatment with ease. With this case you have a place for every makeup item you own

Some final words

Storing makeup is going to be simple for you. Each one of the top 12 Best Professional Rolling Makeup Train Cases In 2019 has enough space to handle your beauty aids and tools.

Plus, they roll smoothly so you do not have to hurt yourself relocating your items. Everything about these cases spells convenience for you and your make up.

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