Top 12 Best Truck Car Cover Reviews In 2020 | Buyer’s Guide

Keep your car under wraps. Protecting your car from birds, the elements and dirt is not going to be that tough these days. Not when you purchase one of the top 12 best crew cabs, trucks car cover in 2020. These top covers give your vehicle almost 100% protection and keep them looking like new. When you are not using your car or truck cover them up so they keep their value longer. Resell value is an important factor when you want to upgrade to a newer vehicle. These top-quality covers protect that helping you get more money back.

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#1. Xtrashield Custom Fit Short Bed Box Truck Car Cover

Xtrashield Custom Fit 2001-2019 Ford F150 Crew Cab 5.5ft Short Bed Box Truck Car Cover Black

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This top of the line car cover is made for those vehicles manufactured between 2001 and 2020. They work best on short bed trucks that do not have more than a 5 1/2 foot bed n the back. While it is not waterproof the cover does have water resistance and breathable fabric. This combination makes sure that bacteria, etc., do not get a start on your good looking vehicle. The snug fit that is a part of this design works with standard mirrors only. Custom mirrors will require a different cover if you want almost 100% protection. A buckle and strap tie-down system makes sure the cover does not get blown away by the wind. What this cover does for you and your vehicle is protect it from UV rays, heat and bird droppings. Also, the sap is a not factor once this cover is in place.

#2. CarsCover Custom Fit car and truck cover

CarsCover Custom Fit 1998-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500 Crew Cab 6.5 ft Short Bed Truck Car Cover Heavy Duty All Weatherproof Ultrashield

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20 years of vehicles can find protection under this car cover. It is made for Dodge vehicles produced from 1998 to 2020 years. For best results and almost 100% coverage use this unit on shorter and smaller Dodge vehicles. Made with all-weather fabric, you should have protection from all the elements that come into your geographical region. Also, you get a fleeced line interior cover that is good for your car or truck. Its soft side should not scratch the paint job. Plus, grommets are sewn in to make securing this car cover super easy. A buckle and strap system is also part of this cover’s security system. Once it is on your vehicle you should get almost total protection from small animals and dirt. This is the way to protect your vehicle’s value. Wear and tear lower the blue book price so give yourself a helping hand and cover-up.

#3. CarsCover Truck Car Cover

CarsCover 2006-2019 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Crew/Mega Cab 8ft Long Bed Box Full 4 Door Truck Car Cover Heavy Duty All Weatherproof Waterproof Ultrashield

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All cars and trucks are not made the same. That is why this Dodge car and truck cover works best with vehicles made during 2006 and 2020. You get a car cover that fits your newer vehicle with ease. The interior section of this cover is made with fleece. That soft fabric should baby your car and protect its finish. The fleece should not scratch one spot and help your car stay looking its best. On top of the fleece, you get 5 layers of all-weather protection. UV rays should not reach your vehicle and fade its color. In addition to that, you get rain, mud, dirt and more protection with its almost 100% coverage. Your vehicle stays clean when not in use. That will save you on car washing duties. Buckles and straps are used to keep the car cover in place. With grommets built-in, you should be able to secure the cover

#4. Duck Covers Defender Pickup Truck Cover

Duck Covers Defender Pickup Truck Cover for Crew Cab Long Bed Dually Trucks up to 22'

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If you have a crew cab truck that has a long bed on the back, you might want to consider purchasing this top car cover. Made specifically for that model of truck, you should have no trouble protecting I from damage. Even trucks with duallies on the back can be covered by this 264-inch truck cover. With a soft fabric interior, you can make sure your truck looks good all the time. Then the heavy-duty exterior makes sure bird droppings and sap do not create expensive repair jobs. Along with that, you should get top weather protection from this truck cover. It is made to take a licking and keep on performing its duties with ease. A single layer is all you need to keep UV rays from damaging your expensive truck. Its blue and gray coloring makes it easy to find your vehicle in a crowded parking lot.

#5. Kayme 6 Layers Truck Cover

kayme 6 Layers Truck Cover Waterproof All Weather, Heavy Duty Outdoor Pickup Cover Sun Uv Rain Protection, Universal Fit (Length Up to 242") XL

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6 layers is better than almost any other car cover. That number of layers makes sure your car or truck has ultimate protection when exposed to the elements. Its 242-inch length makes sure to cover a variety of vehicles whether they are cars or trucks. On top of that, its reflective material makes this cover virtually sun proof. No harmful UV rays should reach your vehicle. Then you have a completely waterproof cover to make sure rain and snow do not do any harm while your vehicle is outside at rest. 3 windproof straps help keep the cover from coming off and exposing your vehicle. Birds and smaller tree animals should not harm your truck with this cover on the job. Before you buy, make sure to measure twice and double-check those figures to get the right size for your truck.

#6. CarsCover 100% Rain Waterproof Custom Fit

CarsCover 100% Rain Waterproof Custom Fit 2000-2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab 5.5ft Short Bed Box Truck Car Cover Heavy Duty All Weatherproof Ultrashield

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That is what you want in a car cover. Anything less will not do as your car is expensive and expensive to maintain. To protect your investment in your vehicle you need to turn to this top car cover. It is made for 2000 to 2020 Chevy trucks, limited compatibility, and it works hard to keep more expenses come your way. Also, the heavy-duty car cover protects against the weather with ease. Sun, snow, and rain are not a problem for it. With the buckle and strap security system, your car cover should remain in place and not let any bad weather harm it. The fleeced lined interior also keeps your vehicle from getting scratched up. Once on your truck, small animals should not be a bother either. Nor should tree sap. You get protection from a variety of possible damage sources.

#7. Audew 6 Layers Truck Cover

Audew 6 Layers Truck Cover, All Weather Car Cover for Pickup Truck, Snowproof Waterproof Windproof Dustproof UV Protection Universal Car Covers for Truck, Fits up to 246''

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This car cover comes with a universal fit as long as your car or truck is not longer than 246 inches in length. Its inverted V design helps water run off quickly and keeps the cover from retaining or pooling of any rain. The addition of an 80-inch width and 68-inch height provides more coverage from the weather. This car cover should withstand UV rays, rain, snow, and other elements to make sure your car does not lose any value. On top o the buckle and strap security system, an elastic hem snaps shut on your truck and holds on tight. You should not lose this car cover when the wind begins to blow. A storage bag keeps the cover protected from its enemies so it can do a great job for you when needed.

#8. Xtrashield CarsCover 100% Sunblock Custom Fit

Xtrashield CarsCover 100% Sunblock Custom Fit 2000-2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab 5.5ft Short Bed Box Truck Car Cover Black

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The sun has a way of fading fabrics and good paint jobs. That is a hazard all car owners face. But with this top car or truck cover, you can block the sun from fading your fabrics and paint. After you get this cover on your vehicle, you get water-resistant protection. Your car may still get wet but the breathable nature of the cover helps it to dry quickly. Standard mirror trucks can use this cover well. Their equipment remains clean and in top shape because you took a few minutes to keep them protected. Besides, you get almost 100% coverage making sure playful little animals do not mark up your expensive truck. Dust, bird droppings, sap, and other nonweather elements are also kept away from your pretty truck. Buckles and straps hold the cover down and in place.

#9. CarsCover Custom Fit 2001-2019 Ford

CarsCover Custom Fit 2001-2019 Ford F150 F250 F350 Crew Cab 6.5ft Short Bed Truck Car Cover Heavy Duty All Weatherproof Ultrashield

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Whether you agree or not, all vehicles, including recent Ford models, need some sort of protection. Wax only goes so far so you need this top car and truck cover to help the wax out. With its all-weather protection and a soft fleece interior, your Ford truck will be pampered like a baby. Nothing should get through this protection and harm your vehicle. The standard buckle and strap security system is attached to this car cover as well. Just make sure that your truck bed does not reach longer than 6 1/2 feet. If it does then you will need along truck cover to protect your vehicle. With almost 1-00% coverage your vehicle should be safe when parked outdoors. Bad weather should not have you worrying about your paint job. This cover handles that like a pro.

#10. GUNHYI Oxford Car Covers

GUNHYI Pickup Truck Cover Waterproof All Weather, 6 Layer Heavy Duty Cover with Cotton, Outdoor Dust Sun Rain UV Snow Protection, Universal Up to 248 inch

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If your car measures between 180 and 191 inches in length then we have the car cover for you. You can keep your car’s good looks by spending a few moments spreading this top of the line cover over its body. With almost 100% coverage your car will look great when you uncover it again. You can cut down on your trips to the car wash as well. Then an elastic hem and adjustable straps make sure the wind doe snot carry this cover away. After you get it in place, this cover should not scratch the paint on your car. Nor should it let the sun, rain, snow and other destructive elements bring any harm to it. The double stitching adds to its durability and reflective strips keep it visible at all times.

#11. KAKIT 6 Layers Truck Cover

KAKIT 6 Layers Truck Cover - Windproof Waterproof All Weather, for Summer Outdoor, UV Protection, Universal Fit Car Covers for Truck Pickup, Windproof Ribbon & Anti-Theft Lock, Fits up to 242"

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Spring, summer, winter and Fall, you have a car cover that handles the different seasons with elegance and grace. Once this car cover is placed over your vehicle you should have top-notch protection from all the issues each season brings. As long as your car or truck measures 242 inches or less, you have protection from dirt, leaves, sap, and even small animals. Plus, you have great weather protection as the sun should not fade your fabrics or paint. With the inverted V, styling water should not pool or remain on your vehicle. The cover is designed to help it run off where it cannot harm you or your truck. After this cover is in place, you have breathable double stitch materials that last you a long time. Yu8r car or truck will be protected.

#12. Leader Accessories Xtreme Guard 5 Layers Pick up Truck Car Cover

Leader Accessories Xtreme Guard 5 Layers Pick up Truck Car Cover Waterproof Breathable Outdoor Indoor (Pick up Truck up to 20'8")

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Layers are important. Not only do they add looks to your home or car, but they also become more durable and tougher to ruin. This 5 layer car and truck cover is tough and durable. It is also hard to ruin. You should get top protection all the time it is over your vehicle. On top of that, it will cover trucks and cars measuring up to 249 inches in length. When over your vehicle the fabric lets your car breathe so it doe snot contract germs or bacteria. A layer each of UV and waterproofing makes sure your vehicle remains as good as when it was first covered. Then when not needed, you have a top storage bag to keep the cover from getting ripped or torn. That means this cover will do its job for along time to come.

Some final words

You are making a great investment in your new vehicle. It stands to reason that you want to protect it and its value. The way to do that is to use one of the top 12 best truck car covers in 2019. These covers are made from top quality materials so that you can have confidence your vehicle will remain safe underneath. You get all-round protection once the cover is in place.

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