Privacy Policy

AZ108 Top Product Review is a licensed travel agent. Our website offers reviews on a broad range of products for the convenience of the clients, and additional terms are applied to it. When you visit the site, you are subject to the agreements applicable, terms, and guidelines of the website. We control the privacy if these terms are inconsistent. These terms and conditions apply to the individual and individuals who are going to know about the product reviews. For all the persons, it is vital to read these terms carefully.

These are applied to all visitors on the site. The website is regularly updated and uniquely created to learn more and discover useful products. If you are confused about the choice of the products, then you can contact our team for suggestions. All these rules needed to be followed by the clients if they use our services to get knowledge about the site. Upon request, copies of these regulations are provided to the clients. It governs your relationship with our team.

An 18 years individual is eligible to access our services. He/she must have the authority to get a suggestion on behalf of the party members. Someone who is going to get our services needs to provide all the copies of these terms and conditions to all the members of the party.

  • Accuracy

You are requested to review as soon as possible, given information for verification such as telephone number, email address, mailing address, and Names. If you need any corrections, then you must check with the team. You are assumed to take the responsibility of the cost and prices for all types of service failure charges or any kind of risk.

  • Complete the legal formalities

You are supposed to complete all the legal formalities and confirm the procedure. We provide reviews of the products. All the reviews, information, and material on the site are authentic, and the website is regarded as non-exclusive and non-confidential. We do not entitle the reviewer to royalties or any kind of compensation. On the site, you will not find any adult content or the text to promote racism. We do not need any personal information of the viewers. The content on the website is legal and ethical.

  • ¬†Payment Procedure

We are not responsible for any payment system of the vendor. You are assumed to follow the payment procedures and rules of the vendor. You are free to pay your payments via cash, MasterCard, Visa Card, debit card, credit card, and others.

  • Refund Policy

We do not make any payments, so there is no payment policy and refund policy of the site. You need to know and follow the policies of the vendor’s site from which you are going to make a purchase. The refund policy of the website is different from other websites. We do not sell anything. We refund in some exceptional cases. In case, any clause that has not been described or anything different from the commitment.

  • Electronic Communication

You communicate with us when you send an email or use our services on the website. All our visitor’s consent to get the communication from the website electronically. It may communicate with our visitors by sending notifications, vial mobile applications, and email. It means you are agreed with the website for all communications, disclosure, and notices.

  • Copy Rights

All the data and specimen that presents on the website is the property of the website. As per Copyright law, no one can use it for commercial purposes. It cannot be published on the other site.

  • Prohibitions

The terms and conditions of this site can be changed whenever by the administrator of the website. We may ask for you to give some data when you subscribe to our site formally. All these data will never be shared with others; these are just for the record of the website and are kept in private records. Your record will never be given to any outsider. Every one of the information is requested just to improve the substance of our site.

  • Terms of Termination

The site has the privilege to end the administrations with no earlier notice. If the existed assertion is ended, then clients can’t get the facility of administrations of the site. The organization has the privilege to reject, giving you any sort of data. We utilize cookies for security reasons. You can get the advantage of these cookies by going by the webpage accordingly and gathering the data about the navigational examples through our site. You can quickly get access to the website, and we monitor activities on the website by these Cookies. The understanding is substantial for a year, yet any term can be changed whenever by the administrator. It is altogether improved the situation of the security of the clients.

When you visit our website, we log your data about visiting the website. It includes your MAC or IP address, time of your visit, date of visit, server address, and others. We utilize this data to help our usability of the website and improving the quality, for statistical purposes, and in aggregated form.

All our changes and activities on the website or in the policy or Terms and conditions are for your convenience.

It will be considered your acceptance of the terms and conditions if you subscribe or use the services of the website. It is essential to know about the rules and regulations of the website before availing of the services online.

If you are subscribing or using the services of this website, it will be considered that you have thoroughly understood after reading the terms and are bound to the terms of the website. Do not subscribe or use the service if you do not agree with it. In case you do not need to be bound, then the availability of service will not be possible. Do not avail of the service.

In the statements of the terms and conditions, “user” is addressed with the word “you.” “The third-party” is mentioned with the reference to “Service Providers,” “our,” “us,” “we” means Find Flight, its partners, affiliates, and franchisor.